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Target Real Estate 

About us

Since our inception in 2011 under the leadership of Nir Abas, we have focused on providing personalised, discreet, and professional services in Tel Aviv and its surrounding areas.

Our extensive experience and commitment to excellence enable us to offer advanced real estate solutions, meticulously tailored to each client.

At Target Real Estate, we believe in forging a deep connection with our clients, maintaining a personal and professional relationship. 

Our unique approach allows us to find the perfect home for you, accurately matching your lifestyle, desires, and dreams.

Target Real Estate 


At Target Real Estate, our service transcends mere transactions; it’s about sculpting your narrative in your dream home.

We recognise that buying a home is more than a financial decision—it’s an emotional journey. Our distinction lies in offering tailored services that resonate with your lifestyle, preferences, and longterm objectives.

Our approach is cantered on understanding your needs,harmonising them with your budget, and exploring every feasible option to find your perfect match.

Nir Abbas's 

7 steps Method

Nir Abas method is a confluence of art and science.

It begins with an in-depth understanding of your requirements, envisioning the ideal property that feels like home.

Our budget crafting and fine-tuning ensure that you find not just a house, but a place that aligns with your dreams and financial comfort.

Our method involves a thorough area coverage strategy, leveraging our extensive 16-year experience and wide network of professionals, including real estate agents, lawyers, contractors, architects, and marketers.

This network enables us to unearth hidden gems and off-market properties, ensuring you access the best available options.

Client Discovery:
  • Initial consultation to set expectations and preferences.
  • Understanding current and future needs, focusing on lifestyle aspirations.
Strategic Planning and Budgeting:
  • Crafting a realistic budget based on preferences and financial capabilities.
  • Establishing a search strategy tailored to the defined criteria.
Property Search and Market Survey:
  • Exploring properties in relevant areas, including off-market opportunities.
  • Utilizing our extensive network for exclusive offerings, opportunities in
    unmarked projects - full market coverage.

Property Screening and Viewing:
  • Initial filtering of properties to match client requirements.
  • Arranging viewings, including virtual options for time-saving.
Analysis and Decision Making:
  • Analyzing the options found and consulting for an informed decision.
  • Discussing the pros and cons of each property in relation to needs and
Negotiation and Deal Closure:
  • Conducting professional negotiations representing your sole interests.
  • Accompanying you through every stage of the transaction, including legal
    and financial procedures.
Transitioning to Your New Home:
  • Assisting with moving processes and coordinating necessary services.
  • Offering renovation, planning, and construction services through Target
    Project Management.